21st June 2015, Summer

Please forgive me for having been remiss in keeping my blog up to date. I recently made the major decision to return to the States after five years living and traveling in Europe. A week ago I arrived in Point Roberts, Washington, a small community about twenty miles south of Vancouver, BC, and I plan to stay here for the next few years.

I also have been remiss about publishing my latest book, A Secret in Singapore, which now is due for publication in about ten days. The book relates the story of Elspeth going back to Cambridge to discover the truth about the murder of her fiancé, Malcolm Buchanan, when she was a student at Girton College in the late nineteen sixties. As the title implies, the tale ends up in Singapore, although Elspeth visits Cambridge, London, Hampshire, Scotland, Malta, Sydney, and Tasmania in her search. Several people who read the proof say they think it is my best so far.

I hope once I am settled here in Point Roberts to get back to writing full time. I am in the process of editing the fourth book in my Elspeth Duff series, A Crisis in Cyprus.