A Challenge in Chelsea Now Released!

A Challenge in Chelsea Cover

Elspeth Duff perseveres…

Lord Kennington, owner of the Kennington hotel chain, calls his special security advisor Elspeth Duff in the middle of the night. A body has been found in a suite at his small and exclusive Kennington Chelsea hotel in London. No one knows how the corpse had been brought into the hotel, who it is, or why it is there. Elspeth must find out. With the help of Richard Munro and Pamela Crumm, she discovers that every guest in the hotel has a dark secret, but do any of them relate to the appearance of the body? Her hunt takes Elspeth around England, to San Francisco and Paris, and into the sphere of paid assassins, the underworld and the secret services. Lord Kennington is not amused by Elspeth’s tactics or her subsequent revelations as all the guests are his friends or close business associates.

This is the twelfth book in the Elspeth Duff mystery series.

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