A Secret in Singapore is Underway

Now that A Scandal in Stresa is published, both in paperback and Kindle format, and A Murder in Malta has been revised, my editor and I are busily working on A Secret in Singapore, the third in the Elspeth Duff mystery series.

The murder of Elspeth Duff’s fiancé, Malcolm Buchanan, at the University of Cambridge in nineteen sixty-nine still haunts Elspeth because the crime was never solved. At the urging of her aunt Magdelena Cassar and Sir Richard Munro in Malta, Elspeth goes back to find Malcolm’s killer. With the assistance of past friends and new ones, her quest takes her across the world to Cambridge, Hampshire, London, Scotland, Malta, Australia, and finally Singapore.

This tangled tale pits Elspeth’s romantic memories of Malcolm against the truth of his past and reveals things about Malcolm and his family she later wishes she had left alone.

The publication date is scheduled for early 2015.