A Betrayal In Belgium Published

My latest book, number eleven in the Elspeth Duff series, has been published. See amazon.com.

Here’s the back cover description:

      Elspeth Duff, special security advisor to the owner of the Kennington hotels, reluctantly agrees to host the wives of European businessmen at a meeting arranged by Sir Richard Munro at the Kennington Bruges. She feels out of her element until one of the group is murdered. Then two more people are killed. Elspeth now can assume her professional role but finding the murderer among the eclectic and eccentric collection of guests proves more difficult than she originally expects. Her relationship with Richard is tested in Elspeth’s dealing with the duality of her position.

      Sir Richard wishes he knew which role Elspeth was playing, his wife or security advisor to Lord Kennington. He knows she was ambivalent about the former role and preferred the latter. The murders give her an out, but still he wanted her to be comfortable beside him in diplomatic situations.

Hope you enjoy it.