As an Author

Why do I write my mystery novels? Mainly because I too want to find out more about Elspeth, if she is able to solve the next crime, and will she resolve her issues with Richard. When I was writing the first drafts of my novels, I would ponder these issues during my lunch hour and my commute home. (But not my early morning commute because I needed to concentrate on my work as an architect during the day ahead.) During the hours I could relax, I would amuse myself by asking ‘what would Elspeth do next?’ or ‘how am I going to get Elspeth out of this fix?’. 

My novels are a series and therefore best read as such, but I think my writing style has improved as has my choice of editors. Luckily my new editor, Alice Roberts, is a gem. Some of the first novels are poorly edited, I know, but I consider myself a storyteller and not a great novelist. 

I wrote the mysteries for myself as a diversion from my high-powered job, and it was only under pressure from my family that I published them after I retired. I hope you find them diverting as well.

I have just received my next novel, A Presumption in Perthshire, back from Alice and now it goes to my proof-reader, who is my near-by friend with whom I can social-distance safely.  In the meantime, Nancy Largent is working on the cover and will be handling the publishing through I hope for a September or early October publishing date. Luckily during this lock-down everything can be done on the computer.

Everyone, stay well.