A Deception in Denmark

Today I sent this book to the publisher! I have had to change publishers and my editor was ill for a long time. But the book is finally done! I expect it to be ready for publication in April.

Here is the back cover description:

Fabia Alberti has stolen the identity and is using the fortune of her best friend, who was killed in a car accident ten years before. Fabia is now a rising star in the opera world, but her promising career is threatened by the arrival of her former voice teacher, Eve Gardiner, who sees through Fabia’s deception. That night Eve is murdered at the Kennington Copenhagen hotel. Matters are complicated by Fabia’s growing closeness to Robbie MacArthur, who wants to hide his own criminal past, and a Russian tenor, Viktor Kirillov, who constantly upstages Fabia. She wishes Viktor dead and tells Robbie. Soon Viktor is killed as well.

Lord Kennington, owner of the hotel, calls his special security advisor, Elspeth Duff, away from her wedding trip to investigate Eve’s death. Her new husband agrees to follow but has growing doubts about his relationship with Elspeth.

This is the sixth in theElspeth Duff Mysteriesseries.

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