A Day Off

I try to write or work on one of my books everyday, seven days a week, even if I have an event scheduled, but recently I took a day off. I normally look forward to my time at the computer and immersing myself in Elspeth Duff’s world. One day last week doing so lost its pleasure.

I walked along the marina near my new home and then down to a point overlooking the Strait of Georgia. I had seen orcas there several times before, but they did not appear. There were several seals bobbing their heads above the water and lots of gulls and ducks flying above the waves. Most of the summer people from British Columbia have now left for the year, and I had the beachfront to myself for the most part. Two women, who had come down from Vancouver for the day, were sitting in red folding chairs and watching the water. They pointed out the seals to me and asked about the orcas. In this part of the Pacific Northwest we expect to see wildlife everyday and seldom are disappointed.

I did some shopping, went to the library, and read a book written by a fellow author. I fixed a meal that I particularly like. And I tried not to feel guilty at playing truant.

The morning afterwards, when I took up the manuscript I am currently editing, I felt all my energy and enthusiasm return. Perhaps I ought to take a day off more often.