Author’s Blog, 20th July 2014

For the last ten days, while my editor is doing a final review of A Scandal in Stresa (the second Elspeth Duff mystery), I have taken a complete break and gone to the seashore. I purposely chose a location that would never appear in my mysteries. (Too many  of my vacations are really working trips to places that feature in future books.) I spent the time pencil sketching, doing bad watercolors, and taking ferries to nearby islands. I visited an ornate stately home and walked on sandy beaches and in lavish gardens. The weather was not particularly cooperative, but I had two cloudless summer days during which the winds died down and the intermittent rain ceased. The change was wonderful, a time to clear my head, but now I ready to get back to work.

I have already begun editing of A Secret in Singapore, the third in the Elspeth Duff series, originally written in 2007. In this book Elspeth goes back to find out why her fiancé at Cambridge was murdered and who the murderer was. Hopefully this book will be out by early winter.