Kirkus Reviews

“An often compelling…excursion through exotic locales featuring unusual, complex characters. Each main character has a rich back story with enough skeletons in closets to provide grist for a number of future novels.”

Reader Reviews

“A wonderful read. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent with Elsbeth and the gang in Malta. I look forward to reading her next book.”

“A Scandal in Stresa is fast moving, filled with skulduggery, and has many plot twists. Ann Crew’s characters come alive on the page. Elspeth Duff’s relationship with Richard Munro and with her family in Scotland continues to unfold and judging from the teaser at the end of the book, it looks like there is more to come in the next book in the series.”

“I’ve heard that old fashioned murder mysteries, that have a nod to The Golden Age of Detective Fiction, are making a come back, but I don’t think they ever went out of style. Murder in Malta is one of these books. Interesting characters, plot twists, and well written. Also, I love how Ann Crew has crossed international boundaries in such a knowledgable way. The setting is the perfect match for the mystery.”

“This is a mystery novel filled with exotic locations and a plot that keeps you guessing to the end in the classic mystery style of past great writers such as Agatha Christie and others. Ann Crew has created a beautifully written, running dialogue that keeps the story moving. She provides us with insights into our oh so human character traits that add a wonderful level of intrigue and complication to the story and remind us of our personal traits, good and bad, that complicate our own lives. A great read!”

“Wonderful characters. Can’t wait to hear more about them”