A Secret in Singapore (Published June 2015)

Taken out of her comfort zone as top security advisor for the upscale Kennington hotel chain, Elspeth begins a search for the murderer of her fiancé, Malcolm Buchanan, at the University of Cambridge thirty-five years ago. The crime has continued to haunt Elspeth because it was never solved. At the urging of her aunt Magdelena Cassar and her would-be suitor Richard Munro in Malta, Elspeth goes back to find Malcolm’s killer. With the assistance of past friends and acquaintances as well as new ones, her quest takes her across the world to Cambridge, Hampshire, London, Scotland, Malta, Australia, and finally Singapore.

This tangled tale is filled with colorful characters, exotic locations, and nearly forgotten historical events. Elspeth’s search pits her romantic memories of Malcolm against the truth of his past and reveals things about Malcolm and his family she later wishes she had left untouched.

This is the third of the Elspeth Duff mysteries.