A Legacy on Lewis (Coming October 2021)

Elspeth Duff Inquires

Max Douglas-Forbes, QC, recruits Elspeth Duff to help him to discover the history of a man who had disappeared in the Outer Hebrides almost seven years before but who suddenly reappears a week before he is to be declared legally dead. That night he is murdered, just as Cressida, his wife, is planning her wedding to another man. Cressida and her fiancé are the prime suspects. Elspeth, who has fled to Scotland because of personal complications in her own marriage, accepts Max’s proposal to go to the Isle of Lewis to investigate. Sir Richard Munro follows to seek a resolution to Elspeth’s ill-conceived dilemma.

Set in Perthshire and the Outer Hebrides, the complex relationships among the characters spiral to an unexpected conclusion. 

This is the tenth in the Elspeth Duff mystery series.