A Crisis in Cyprus (published July 2016)


Elspeth Duff Intervenes . . .

Recovering from injuries sustained on her last assignment as special security advisor to the Kennington international hotel chain, Elspeth Duff is sent to the island of Cyprus on a seemingly benign assignment to provide protection for a delegation from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office who staying at the Kennington Nicosia. Tensions mount among the delegates, the hotel staff, and the manager, Philippa Allard-Thorpe. At an outing to the ruins of Kantara Castle, a medieval fortress in Northern Cyprus, Philippa falls from the top of the castle keep. Was it an accident or was she pushed? Enough people have reasons to kill Philippa. When a second person is murdered, the police think Elspeth might be complicit in the crime.

Set against the political division of the island and a tangled web of intrigue, a cast of colourful character complicate Elspeth’s investigation, including a reluctant British High Commissioner, a beautiful blind girl, operatives from the Secret Intelligence Service, a shady entrepreneur, a famed archaeologist, and Sir Richard Munro, Elspeth’s friend and confidant.

This is the fourth of the Elspeth Duff mysteries.