Books in the Elspeth Duff series

NEW: A Deception in Denmark, book 6 of the Elspeth Duff Mysteries, is now available in print. Kindle version coming soon!

Future Books

7. A Blackmailer in Bermuda

Lord Kennington has sent Elspeth off to his new resort hotel in Bermuda to handhold a party of minor royals, but the task is not as easy as he predicted. Blackmail, abduction and murder happen.  Elspeth’s prints are found on the murder weapon.

8. A Presumption in Perthshire

During the long summer days in the central Highlands of Scotland,  Elpseth’s cousin and Richard Munro’s close friend, Johnnie, Earl of Tay, is accused of murdering his estranged wife.  With the help of Richard and her son Peter, Elspeth finds the real murderer.

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